Bristol Life Sciences

New Life Sciences Building - Bristol University

Product:        Stainless Steel Storage Calorifiers
Date:              May 2013

In May, GMS completed the manufacture of four 316L Stainless Steel Storage Calorifiers for the new life science buildings at Bristol University. The university has invested over £50 million in the new development which will be provide new teaching facilities including teaching rooms, laboratories and library. GMS was chosen to manufacture the Storage Calorifiers, which will provide domestic hot water to the building.

The vessels were supplied complete with factory fitted insulation consisting of 50mm thick fibreglass mattresses secured to shell and enclosed in stucco aluminium sheet (self colour). GMS insulation dramatically reduces heat losses therefore ensuring that the required design temperature is maintained.

Unvented Kits were also provided which comprised of Expansion Vessels, Expansion Vessel Isolation Valves, Expansion Vessel Drain Valves, Temperature Relief Valves as well as Anti Vacuum Valves.

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