27,000 Litre Sectional Vessels

Fulham Reach Project

Product:   27,000 Litre Mild Steel Buffer Vessels
Date:   November 2013

November 2013 saw many large contracts leaving the GMS factory before the christmas shut down, including the two 27,000 litre Buffer Vessels for the Fulham Reach Project - London.

Due to site and transportation constraints (and for ease of installation) each vessel was manufactured in two sections, to later be bolted together at site.

The Buffer Vessels both contain sparge pipes and diffusers to aid flow within the vessel and to reduce the risk of stratification. The vessels also contain platforms that can be used during installation and future maintenance of the units.

At 2.5m diameter and an overall height of around 6.1m, the two Fulham Reach Buffer Vessels are some of the largest units to leave the GMS factory since enlarging our site to enhance manufacturing capabilities.

For more information on storage vessels above 10,000 Litres or to enquire about our sectional vessels, please contact our sales department on        01457 835 700, alternatively please email your enquiry to sales@gmsthermal.co.uk .

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