National Automotive Innovation Centre Bespoke PHE Package for the NAIC

Product:        Bespoke PHE Packages, 3x 11,000 Litre Thermal Stores
Date:             August 2016

The National Automotive Innovation Centre is currently being built at the University of Warwick.


The 33,000m2 building will provide state-of-the-art facilities for around 1,000 people. The facilities will include both research areas (such as hybrid & chassis research & advanced powertrain research) and teaching areas.


The building which is due to be completed in 2017 is designed to have a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating through the use of innovative and environmentally sustainable design solutions. A bespoke GMS plate heat exchanger package (pictured left) will use heat supplied by the University of Warwrick’s district heating network to heat domestic hot water for the building. Three 11,000 litre thermal store buffer vessels designed and manufactured by GMS, will store hot water from the DH network to heat the most temperature-critical rooms.

This project is a superb example demonstrating the capabilities of the GMS technical team. Alongside our in-house design team, they are able to provide bespoke solutions to suit both the client’s requirements and budget. Whether the project has a space constraint or a specific sustainability target, we are able to design a unique packaged solution tailored to each project.

Contact our technical team today on 01457 835 700 or for more information on this particular project, please visit the UoW website:


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