GMS supply Packaged PHE's to the London 2012 Olympic Hocket Venue

GMS at the London 2012 Olympics

Product:        ThermaPak DHWS PHE & Buffer Vessel Skid Mounted Unvented Package
Date:                June 2012

GMS have recently completed the design and manufacture of three unvented skid packages for the Olympic Park Hockey Venue in London. Each package consists of a 500 kW plate heat exchanger and a 600 litre stainless steel buffer vessel and is supplied with unvented kit. All the main items within the package, including the electric control panel, were manufactured by GMS.

Connecting up the many components of a system in a plantroom is often time consuming and prone to cost overruns. GMS designed and factory built skid-mounted packages remove some of the uncertainty and can enable customers to save significantly on this time and cost.

The GMS technical design team have a wealth of experience in the field of DHWS packages, including those for unvented systems, and are available to as-sist in the design of any current or future projects.

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