Specialist Bespoke Paint Finishes

Specialist Finishes 

Date:   September 2014

GMS offer standard finishes to all of our vessels at no extra cost. However, we also offer a range of bespoke and specialist finishes to suit each client and installation. Including specific paint finishes, hot-dip galvanising, glass lining and powder coating. If you can't see the finish that you require below, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Paint Finishes

All of the GMS Mild Steel Vessels are wire brushed internally & externally and externally painted one coat of black gloss (internally left unpainted) as standard. However we are able to offer alternative paint specifications and colours to suit your needs. The picture on the left shows two vessels which were recently delivered; vessel on the left - 1 coat of Grey Gloss Finish (RAL 7001) spray applied, vessel on the right - 1 coat of Orange Gloss Finish (RAL 2004) spray applied.


Hot dip galvanising deposits a zinc layer which provides excellent protection against corrosion if the water is hard. Galvanised calorifiers should not be used with copper pipe-work or soft water. The copper
causes electrolytic action and releases particles of copper which deposit in the Calorifier, causing localised electrolytic action and corrosion. Soft water prevents formation of a protective scale. The copper tube bundle rapidly gets a film of scale because of its higher temperature. This prevents electrolytic action and corrosion. For added protection a magnesium sacrificial anode can be fitted. This must be replaced when exhausted. Also the copper tube bundle can be electro tinned which reduces the electrochemical potential.

Epoxy/Glass Lining

An alternative to copper-lined steel. The lining was developed for arduous conditions in industrial processes. It is generally more resistant to abrasion, chemical attack and impact damage than traditional glass linings. If damage occurs the surrounding coating will not be affected and the damage can be repaired. In the lining process minute glass flakes are combined with a special polymer, applied to the steel, cured and electrically
tested. The lining is WRC approved for use with hot water.

Powder Coating

All of our plate heat exchangers frames, chemical dosing pots, steam separators and flash vessels are powder coated. The coating is applied electrostatically offsite to prevent dust contamination and then cured under heat. Powder coating creates a thick hard finish which is tougher than ordinary paint and a uniform quality finish. We are also able to offer powder coating on some of our other products, please contact us for details.

Insulation Jacket Options

Our standard insulation consists of 50mm mineral wool with Stucco aluminium cladding. This gives good thermal insulation and a quality finish. We also offer the option of stainless steel cladding and/or vapour sealing of joints. For smaller cylinders, we can offer semi-rigid urethane foam insulation. This is sprayed on in a standard thickness of 25mm (up to 60mm on request). It’s Ozone depletion potential (ODP) is zero, it does not support combustion and it resists water penetration. (Uniform thickness cannot be guaranteed).


If you require an alternative finish which has not been mentioned above please contact us directly, we may still be able to offer it. Or for more information on the available finishes listed above and the associated costs please contact our sales office.


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