Summer Refurbishment and Maintenance Plans - Schools out for Summer!

Technical Support: Summer Refurbishment & Maintenance

Date:   July 2014

Are you planning refurbishment and maintenance projects over the summer shut down period? GMS can advise and provide all of the necessary support and items that you may need.

Chemical Dosing

Correct water treatment is essential for the corrosion protection of heating systems. A good chemical treatment programme can reduce problems associated with corrosion and the formation of scale which increases the risk of Legionnaires disease. GMS's range of chemical dosing pots offer a safe and convenient way to introduce water treatment chemicals into a system. We offer a variety of sizes ranging from 3.5 Litres to 50 Litres and a choice of shell material; Red Oxide Powder Coated Mild Steel or 316L Stainless Steel. Please consult our product pages for more information including connection details, dimensions and prices.

Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance

Fouling of the heat exchanger by contaminants within the working fluid can increase the fouling factor, thereby reducing the heat transfer rate that can be achieved by the unit. The summer shut down period is always a good time to clean and de-scale plate heat exchangers. Our O&M Manual OM010 details the procedure for stripping down and cleaning your GMS Plate Heat Exchanger, for more advice contact our technical department on 01457 835 700. If the old is very old and you would prefer to replace the plates and gaskets with new ones then we can easily provide replacements. Please contact our sales department and ask for a quotation stating the serial number of the unit (found on the nameplate).

General Maintenance & Repair

A range of Operating & Maintenance Manuals are available to download in the literature section of our website. If you can't find what you are looking for, our technical team are on hand to advise you on any queries that you may have or provide you with the correct O&M Manual for your unit.


As well as manufacturing goods, GMS are also able to supply spare and replacement items for your system such as; immersion heaters, gaskets, thermostats, valves, pumps in addition to tube bundles and headers. Please consult our product pages or contact our sales department directly.

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