Skid Packages completed for the TMF Facility at URENCO, Capenhurst

TMF Project - URENCO

Date:   October 2015

October 2015 will see the completion of three packages for the Tails Management Facility at the URENCO Site, Capenhurst.


URENCO's prinicipal activity is the enrichment of uranium to provide fuel for nuclear power utilities. In 2009, the board gave the go ahead for the construction of a "Tails Managament Facility" at the Capenhurst site and the project was awarded to Jacobs in 2011, who then consulted MW Hargreaves with regards to the ventilation and plant equipment for the TMF Offices.


GMS have since worked closely with MW Hargreaves and Jacobs throughout the design, manufacture and future installation phase to provide a full design and build service. We also advised both parties on Legionella prevention, lifting arrangements and leak detection, to ensure that the scope of the project was realised in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Scope of Works

GMS designed and provided three bespoke skid packages for the site including;

Along with the necessary ancillaries and controls. Packaged units were used to minimise site installation time and to allow off-site verification and testing.

Leak Detection System

Due to the location of the plant within the building it was vital that any faults within the plant were detected as quickly as possible. The leak detection system provided by GMS is designed to detect the presence of water around each of the packages, on detecting water the system will go into an alarm state giving a visual display and a signal to the BMS system to close the solenoid valve on the system inlet.


For more information on GMS's capabilities and our bespoke packages, please contact our sales team.


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