Air & Dirt Separators 


GMS Air and Dirt Separator

The Air Separator must be installed at the hottest part of the system. In a heating system this is the main flow from the boilers. The static head must not exceed 30 metres. In a chilled water system the unit must be located in the return close to the chiller. Maximum static head must not exceed 15 metres. If the static head is greater than these figures the efficiency is reduced. The maximum flow rate through our unit is 3m/sec. If these values are exceeded the efficiency is reduced.


  • Greatly reduced commissioning times after initial fill
  • Longer system life (through air elimination)
  • Low-Pressure Drop
  • Bi-directional Flow
  • Air Collects in the air chamber before being automatically vented
  • The automatic air vent is also used for releasing air when filling the system
  • The Separator comprises of an internal stainless steel concentrator to aid removal of air


  • Maximum Working Pressure:        10.00 BarG
  • Test Pressure:                             21.00 BarG
  • Maximum Temperature:                110°C
  • Shell Material:                              Carbon Steel

Higher pressure and temperature models are available on request.

Please consult the data leaflet for more information on our standard range of Air and Dirt Separators or contact us directly.

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