Blowdown Vessels 


GMS Blowdown Vessel manufactured in accordance with PD5500

Blow down vessels are designed and manufactured fully in accordance with the latest version of Pd5500, inspected during design and manufacture by an independent insurance company and supplied complete with a data dossier. They also comply fully with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and are CE marked.


When a steam boiler evaporates water the dissolved minerals in the remaining boiler water are concentrated. To prevent the concentration becoming excessive and causing damage to the boiler some of the water is “blown down” from the boiler periodically and replaced with fresh water. The blow down water loses pressure rapidly, resulting in the evolution of flash steam. This mixture of steam and hot water is a potential hazard. It is not permissible to drain water to public sewers above 43°C so the blow down water must be safely contained and allowed to cool first. The Blow Down Vessel is designed to do this.


  • Design Pressure:             7.00 BarG
  • Design Temperature:        171°C
  • Material:                         Carbon Steel

Higher pressure and temperature units are available on request.

Please browse the data book or contact us for more information on GMS blowdown vessels.

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