Condensate Pumpsets


By using the CPS condensate recovery system, the normally wasted energy in a steam system is recycled by recovering the condensate and returning back to the boiler hotwell feed tank. Not only does it save energy in heating new water, it also reduces the cost of chemical dosing as the recovered condensate has already been treated.


The condensate receiver can be sized to suit any additional condensate recovery lines available, the condensate line inlet is maintained fairly low to aid installation on gravity fed systems.
The pumpset is manufactured from Stainless Steel AISI 316L and available as a single pumpset or a twin pump unit. The pump(s) on the unit are sized at 100% of the duty, with a cascade operation (twin pump units) should the design duty be exceeded. The twin pump unit also incorporate an auto-change over function. The pumps used are multi-stage with a stainless steel body and can handle condensate up to 90°C.

Dependant on the size of the pumpset, the unit can be supplied in either 240v 1ph or 400v 3ph. The control panel has indicator lights for Power On, Pump Run/Trip, hand selector for Pump Action and Leed Pump Selector. Door interlocked isolator. The panel is supplied complete with volt free contacts for pump tripped and level alarms for connecting to a BMS if desired.

GMS Electric Condensate Pumpset


  1. Level Control Switch
  2. Condensate Receiver Vessel
  3. Electrical Control Panel
  4. Pump Discharge Isolation Valves
  5. Vessel Drain
  6. Vessel Overflow Connection
  7. Pumps
  8. Receiver Level Gauge

Thermal Insulation

  • Type MA: Consists of 50mm mineral wool with dimpled aluminium cladding. This gives good thermal insulation and a quality finish. For some installations there will be a high risk of damage to the factory fitted insulation. In these instances it is preferable to insulate on site.

Please consult Pages 3-5 of the Boiler House Products Data Book for more information on our standard range of electrical condensate pumpsets.

Our experienced sales department have been giving advice on the sizing and selection of condensate pumpsets for over twenty years, please contact us if you require any additional information or a quotation, if your requirements are not covered by our standard range.

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