Boiler Hotwell Feed Tanks 


GMS Boiler Hotwell Feed Tank for Use within steam systems

Boiler hotwell Feed Tanks are a solution to reducing high heat losses and on-going maintenance. The GMS hotwell is available in carbon steel and stainless steel construction. Heating the boiler feed water prior to it entering the boiler reduces oxygen levels in the water which can cause corrosion and also reduces the amount of chemical dosing required.


The hotwell is manufactured to suit the individual customers needs. Therefore a detailed drawing is produced to enable the customer to mark up his connection requirements (this is most helpful when the unit is a replacement and ensures pipework alteration is kept to a minimum) A test certificate is issued on completion.

Components Included as Standard

  1. Thermometer
  2. Vent Head
  3. Tank Contents Sight Gauge Complete With Protector

Additional Components (Available on Request)

  1. Electronic Cold Water Make Up Feed
  2. Electrical Level Control System
  3. De-Aerator Head Assembly
  4. Re-Circulation System
  5. External Ladder System
  6. De-Aerator Head Inlet Manifolds
  7. Support and Platform Assembly
  8. Direct Steam Injection Kit

Thermal Insulation

  • Type MA: Consists of 50mm mineral wool with dimpled aluminium cladding. This gives good thermal insulation and a quality finish. The insulation is then vapour sealed. For some installations there will be a high risk of damage to the factory fitted insulation. In these instances it is preferable to insulate on site.

Additional Component Details

Re-Circulation System

The re-circulation system consist of interconnecting pipework, isolating valves, strainer, multi-speed pump and check valve.

De-Aerator Head

With specified inlet connections. Each head is complete with distribution sparge and suitable immersion tube.

Level Control System

Comprises 3 position magnetic level switch and solenoid valve. Factory wired to an electrical control panel, water valve open light, steam valve open light and low level light. Also supplied with volt-free contacts for a low level alarm.

Please browse the Boiler Hotwell Feed Tank Brochure or contact us for more information on GMS boiler hotwell feed tanks.

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