Vent Heads


GMS Vent Heads are used to remove entrained water from discharged steam

GMS VH vent heads are used on vent pipes from blow down vessels, hotwell tanks and condensate pump sets. They are designed to remove entrained water from discharged steam. An internal baffle plate separates water from the steam. The steam discharges safely to the atmosphere and the residual water drains back inside the vent pipe.

Installation & Maintenance

The VH vent head should be the same nominal size as the steam vent pipe. The vent pipe should be vertical and open-ended and a suitable thread sealant or full-face gasket should be used on the joint. The VH vent head itself is maintenance free but should be checked annually to ensure that there are no blockages in the pipework.

Warning: GMS VH vent heads should not be fitted to safety valve discharge pipes


  • Stainless Steel AISI 316L
  • Backing Flange (flanged units only): Mild Steel (BZP or epoxy coated)


Please note all prices are in Pound Sterling, exclude VAT and are subject to change.

Type Inlet Weight Price
VH050S 2" MALE BSP 3.1 kg £161.00
VH050 DN50 PN16 4.2 kg £177.00
VH065 DN65 PN16 7.3 kg £185.00
VH080 DN80 PN16 7.5 kg £197.00
VH100 DN100 PN16 9.2 kg £212.00
VH150 DN150 PN16 15.6 kg £248.00
VH200 DN200 PN16 23.6 kg £297.00
VH250 DN250 PN16 35.1 kg £502.00
VH300 DN300 PN16 48.4 kg £527.00
For standard unit dimensions, please download the product data book in the right hand menu.

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