ThermaFlex Plate Heat Exchangers

Primary Heat Source

  • Steam: Steam condenses in a tube bundle and the latent heat transfers to the stored water. The resultant condensate is at the same temperature and pressure as the steam. This can cause noise in the condensate main, as steam "flashes" off the hot condensate after a steam trap. To cure this problem a "flash bundle" to condense the flash steam can be included in the calorifier if required.
  • Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW): Typically 82°C flow / 71°C return. A common source of primary heat.
  • Medium Temperature Hot Water (MTHW): Max. flow temperature 120°C, max. working pressure 3.4 BarG.
  • High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW): Flow temperature above 120°C, max. working pressure 10.3 BarG.
  • Thermal Oils: These allow high temperatures at low pressure. Primary connections should be flanged and have oil-resistant gaskets. Copper degrades some oils so the tube bundle may have cupro-nickel or stainless steel tubes.
  • Refrigerant: Superheated refrigerant can be cooled (and condensed if required) to heat a calorifier between compressor and condenser. A back-up system should be provided for times when the calorifier is unavailable.
  • Waste Heat: If waste heat is only available at low temperatures a separate top-up heat supply will be required. We can advise on the best match of calorifier to waste heat availability and hot water demand.
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